martes, 8 de diciembre de 2015

Something I like that others do not (Compulsory)

I have heard over the years so many people curse the cold weather, complaining about how cold it is, how much they miss the summer time and how they would love the weather to improve. I do not share the same opinion. Both times of the year have different advantages and disadvantages but I must admit that I love the cold wintry months of December, January and February.

I absolutely love the cold because it is a sign that my favorite time of the year is on it´s way: Christmas. It is the time of the year when families and friends get together and enjoy quality time with each other without work and stress getting in the way.  Furthermore, it is the best time of the year to stay at home with a blanket and hot chocolate and watch movies or read a book. Also, winter clothing is so comfortable and snugly as it includes fluffy pyjamas, jumpers and furry hats and scarves, A further advantage to the cold weather is that sometimes it snows. There is nothing better than playing in the snow with friends and loved ones, or waking up on Christmas Day to find it´s snowing outside. 

Winter is a time for family and although it is cold, it is the time of year that makes me feel the happiest and warmest inside. So contrary to many, it is my favorite time of the year. 

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