martes, 1 de diciembre de 2015

Forever young

Childhood is the most important period of a childs´ life in which they are free to watch Disney movies, play with cuddly toys and happily play without a worry in the world.  But when we get to a certain age we are expected to forget about all of those fabulously fun things and  just "grow up". But many of us do not want to grow up so quickly.
It is odd that when we are little we want to grow up so quickly, always trying to make ourselves older than we actually are and of course when asked how old we are we are seven and three quarters. Many young children look up to older kids and want to be as old as they are. But in time, all of that changes.
When we get to a certain age we are expected to grow up and start acting like adults. With this comes more responsibilities, worries and independence. We cannot expect to be forever young children, but at the same time, it is important not to forget our childhood years. One can be an adult and still love Disney and cuddly toys. Some may call it childish and stupid, but if that is what makes someone happy, then why not watch the odd Disney movie now and again?
As long as we are able to grow up sensibly and assume our different responsibilities, there is nothing wrong with being a little childish from time to time, as it makes people feel nostalgic and remember good times.

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