miércoles, 18 de noviembre de 2015


In 2015, there are over one billion smokers in the world, which means that over 20% of the population smokes. It causes millions of deaths and illnesses every year and affects people that do not even smoke, via second-hand smoke. There is no reason to smoke, and although smokers may find it helps them temporally, but they do not realise what it is doing to there bodies. 

Tobacco is one of the worlds biggest threats as it kills around six million people every year. Unfortunately, 10% of those six million are not actual smokers. They are second-hand smokers, and in many cases, have no chose but to breathe in all of the toxic fumes from their friend´s and family´s cigarettes. Many children´s deaths have been caused by breathing in the smoke produced by their family members and has an extremely negative consequences on pregnant women. 
80% of smokers live in low and middle-income countries. Many have economic problems, yet they carry on spending their money on cigarettes instead of using it in a more sensible manner. Not everyone is conscious of the affects that tobacco has on their bodies. It produces all different kinds of cancer, strokes, heart diseases, etc. Many countries are not aware of the negative affects it has on our bodies due to the lack of necessary information and anti-tobacco advertisements and warnings. 
Studies have shown that by showing people the damage that it can create has significantly increased awareness and has encouraged people to quit. For example, if parents knew the kind of effects that their smoking habits had on their children, many would think twice about their the effect their addiction was having on those around them. 

There should be more awareness and information about smoking available to both developed and poorer countries to prevent so many deaths for both smokers and non-smokers. If smokers were given the correct amount of help and support, we would be able to live in a more smoke-free world.

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