domingo, 29 de noviembre de 2015

Smartphones- Are they taking over the world? (Compulsory)

These days everybody has a smartphone and a large percentage of those people are unfortunately addicted to them. There are a huge amount of advantages to having a smartphone, but it seems that the more popular these phones get, the more disadvantages appear. Owners of these devices must be conscious of the limits that lie between the technological world of phones and the real world. 

One of the biggest advantages of smartphones is being able to connect to the internet nearly anywhere. It is difficult to get lost when your phone has online data and GPS to tell you exactly where you are. A further advantage is that with these types of phones  one can be constantly connected with friends and family all around the world. The possibilities are nearly endless as there are thousands of apps that offer everything from fitness, health, games, dictionaries, etc. The majority of these phones can also be used to  take  photos,  instantly uploading them to the internet, but here lies one of the biggest problems that has arisen in the last few years.

One of the biggest problems with the internet, phones and social networks is the lack of privacy. People are able to hack into phone and computer devices, not only stealing photos and information, but invading people´s privacy. Another very common problem is the amount of users that are addicted to their phones, These people tend to be addicted to social network sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This addiction often leads of communication problems with the real world. A table surrounded by youths that are paying more attention to their phones instead of chatting with their friends is a very common sight nowadays. Moreover, it is said that the constant use of these devices has a serious negative effect on a person´s health, producing cancer in the worst cases.

Despite the negative aspects of owning a smartphone, they can be extremely useful in many situations as long as people are able to control the amount of usage. 

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