lunes, 2 de noviembre de 2015


Since a very young age we are asked the very typical question: what do you want to be when you grow up? Few children at such a young age actually become what they wanted to be as a child, as their opinions change as they grow. I was the typical little girl that wanted to be a princess and as that phase faded, I wanted to be a vet. Unfortunately I then discovered my phobia of blood and that put an end to that dream job.
I grew up learning two languages which fueled my great love of learning languages and I decided a few years ago that I wanted to be a translator. But it was not as easy as that. I studied hard during six form and got good marks in the university´s access exams, but that was not enough. I was just three decimals away from accessing the degree this year and only those who have experienced this firsthand can imagine how frustrating it is. Translation has one of the lowest amount of places in Murcia University, and I do not agree. It is understandable that more students cost more money because the university has to employ more teachers, but I find it unfair that other degrees like Admin have over five hundred places. Is it not possible to take some of these places away and divide them between other degrees that have less places? It would make a more equal system whereby everyone that worked hard at school would get the chance to study what they really  wanted. This would also stop people from studying degrees just for the sake of it, occupying a place that someone else might want. I am in this situation as I am waiting for a place in translation, where someone might not actually want to be, and as I am waiting, I am occupying a place in English studies. I am certain that is somebody that wanted to study the degree that I am on and I am stupidly taking a place away from them. It ends up being a vicious circle, where very few people actually get the chance to study and work towards their dream job.

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