miércoles, 25 de noviembre de 2015

City life

This is my first year at university and, although I have moved house several times throughout my lifetime, I have never lived in a city. I have met so many people that don´t seem to like the experience of moving into a big city and living here during most of the year, but I love it! City life is very different from anything I have ever experienced.
Maybe it is because for the majority of my life I have lived a 10 minute drive away from town. It doesn´t seem much when it is put like that, but imagine I had to ask my parents to take me everywhere, and when they couldn´t, it meant staying at home. There were definitely positive aspects of growing up surrounded by countryside, but know that I am older, the city has a lot more to offer. Everything is simply closer here. There are restaurants, cafes, and many types of shops on our doorstep, which makes life a lot easier. In addition, there are so many more things to do as we are surrounded by historic buildings, museums, gyms, theatres, plays, parks, etc., and there are many places to explore. Another novelty for me is living in a flat. I have always lived in houses surrounded by land and nature, and have never had to deal with noisy neighbors, however, this year I am surrounded by noise. We have an unfortunately rather noisy family living next door that spend most of their time shouting and fighting between themselves, playing slightly annoying instruments and slamming doors, and unlike my flatmates, I find it quite amusing.
I feel that there is a faster place of life here in the city and it is not as easy to get bored. Everything has it´s given moment and it is nicer to spend the summer time in the country side or at the beach, but at least for now, I like it here. 

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