viernes, 9 de octubre de 2015


About six months or so ago I discovered YouTube. I had obviously used YouTube before, I think anyone with Internet access has. What I mean is that I discovered the huge youTube community and hundreds of people that put so much work into making videos. I have always loved clothes and makeup, so I started  watching makeup tutorials and season lookbooks. I discovered Zoella´s channel and fell in love with watching her videos. There is a little bit of everything on her channel: Q&As, makeup tutorials, lookbooks, hauls, cookery, etc. I  Her happy ways and enthusiasm made my day a little better when I was going through a tough time a while ago. Through her channel I discovered other great youtubers and I was hooked. There is such a big community of youtubers now, and so many of them do such great things, like spreading the word about charities and helping the community. Others have brought out books and merchandise. They manage to connect with their audiences as they share a lot with them, like their experiences, trips, recommendations and life tips.
I used to have English TV, but I haven´t anymore so I suppose YouTube is a kind of substitute. 

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