jueves, 8 de octubre de 2015

Drugs destroy lives! (Compulsory)

So many lives have been ruined by drugs, so I completely disagree with drug use and with the people that sell them. In most cases, once someone has fallen under their spell, they find it very difficult to stop consuming  because they are extremely addictive. Since they are so easy to get hold of, some people seem to start taking them at a very early age. I can´t explain how sad it is to see such young teenagers hooked on drugs when they could be doing far better things with their lives. What must a parent feel when they have tried to bring up their child correctly, but cannot stop them from deciding to take drugs. I think one of the big problems nowadays is that there are so many different types of drugs, and therefore, they are available for all types of consumers. The people that make and put these illegal substances on the market must realise that they are encouraging drug intake and making money out of some else´s addiction. Drug addiction sometimes leads to other crimes like robbery to pay for that addiction. Therefore, a permanent solution has to be found to stop all of this from happening.

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