miércoles, 28 de octubre de 2015

Crying Wolf

The other day, at about one in the morning, we heard somebody scream outside our flat. At first we thought nothing of it, as there are always quite a few kids on our street at all hours of the day and night. But then there was a second scream, awfully loud this time and rather panicked. This time we definitely thought something was wrong and went out on the terrace to find out what was going on. When you hear that sort of thing so many things go through your mind:  Is the person involved alright?; has someone been hurt?; maybe someone has been mugged... We could not see anyone, but the girl carried on calling for help and screaming. When we were about to phone for help, the girl in question appeared round the corner with a friend laughing and joking. It had all been a prank and a terrible one at that.
I can´t understand why people would want to make others think they are in trouble just for a laugh. Too many of these types of situations occur these days, and it will get to a point were no one is going to pay attention to cries for help anymore. What happens if someone really does need help, but no one takes any notice because they have been pranked in the past and think it is just a silly joke.
Some teenagers have definitely not heard the story about the boy that cried wolf and need to learn a little more about making harmful jokes.

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