domingo, 18 de octubre de 2015

Christmas in different countries (Compulsory)

Having lived in both England and Spain, I have spent Christmas in both countries and there are a lot of differences. One of the biggest differences is that in England the most important day of Christmas is Christmas Day celebrated on the 25th of December, while in Spain, it is Three kings day, celebrated on the 6th of January. Different from Spain, Christmas is a huge thing in England. People start preparing for it months in advance and the cities are filled with beautiful lights and decorations I haven´t experienced the same amount of enthusiasm towards this holiday in Spain.
The food is very different as well, as in England, typical Christmas food includes Christmas dinner, minced pies, prawn cocktail, Christmas pudding, trifle, etc., whereas in Spain Christmas dinner usually includes seafood, turrón, roscón, polvorones, and the traditional twelve grapes on New year´s Eve. I must say that I prefer Christmas in England because it feels like home, but it´s great in Spain too.

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