sábado, 19 de septiembre de 2015

Living in Spain or abroad? (Compulsory)

           It´s a difficult question to answer as you can never have the best of both worlds and I only wish I could. I have lived in Spain since I was seven years old and some say that I´m more Spanish than English but due to the majority of my family living in England, I still feel very connected to the country. There are different things that I prefer from each country, for instance I love spending Christmas in England as I am surrounded by my friends and family and for some reason the cold snowy weather and the delicious food makes it feel even more like Christmas. Having said that, I prefer spending the summer in Spain as there are a lot more things to do due to the climate, like going to the beach, going on holiday... I love both countries and cultures, but at least for now I pick Spain.

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