jueves, 24 de septiembre de 2015


I have to admit that throughout my childhood I was a big Harry Potter fan, and I guess I still am a big fan. I could still sit in front of the TV and happily watch all of the films. As a child I was always waiting for the next movie to be released, but everything good comes to an end and after the eighth movie everyone had to accept that they weren´t going to make any more. 
Nowadays the actors, especially Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson are the star characters in new films. I watched a film called "Horns" the other day with my friends and it was very odd seeing Daniel Radcliffe plays a completely different role. I am too used to Daniel playing the role of the heroic and innocent Harry Potter, and it was a little shocking to see him transform into a devil in "Horns". I have to say, although the film is rather strange, I would definitely recommend it. It is a mix of love, passion, tragedy, murder, supernatural and religion, so you won´t get bored while watching it. The movie isn´t too long, but I would recommend fast internet, as it took us more than three hours to watch it, but that´s another story.  

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